Vitame Vas
It’s been a few years since I’ve maintained a site, so no promises on fresh content.  Most exciting happenings of the past 3 years include my new nephew and godson, Marley Devin Holzer; Josh and Jake visiting Portland; and my various trips visiting family, friends and solo road-trips.
2007 marks my 6th year in Portland.  I’m not sure what’s more surprising - that I only planned on being here 2 years and haven’t left or that I’ve fallen in love with this city.  Over the years here I’ve started a company, closed a company and bootstrapped web “softwares” for two companies from scratch.
This year I’m looking forward to a 10 year reunion, securing a passport and traveling outside the US ... that trip around the world is only 5 years over due and 13 years making web sites and applications is wearing. (Hence using the Mac “iWeb” to make new site.)
For those wanting to view the old picts, the site is still available: